What’s the cure for the clutter bug?

Cluttered OfficeThe cure starts with a house call from the CLUTTER DOCTOR who will prescribe a personalized, affordable remedy for your particular strain of the clutter bug. The first visit will allow us to evaluate your needs and priorities and establish a timeline for your “treatment.” We will review the contract and answer any questions you may have.

During subsequent hands-on work sessions, the CLUTTER DOCTOR will help you identify and tackle the biggest problem areas first, working quickly and efficiently to give you an immediate sense of gratification and the confidence to take on the next space on your list.

While taking your emotional ties to your things seriously, CLUTTER DOCTOR will provide unbiased, sensitive, confidential guidance…all with a dose of good humor.

We will work together to decide what (if any) organizational products would fit your needs and budget. Would filing cabinets, shelves, storage bins or other containers make your space more efficient and manageable? You are never obligated to take our recommendations concerning buying products, but we would be happy to assist you with their purchase.

After our initial work is done, CLUTTER DOCTOR offers follow-up visits to ensure that you stay on the road to better-organized health.

Clutter overstimulates the brain and makes you less productive. Left untreated, clutter can cause long-term stress and perhaps even other health problems. CLUTTER DOCTOR can help you regain control, allowing you to create physical and emotional balance in your home and life!

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