What are some common symptoms of the clutter bug?

Are you a clutter bug?Are you a clutter bug?

Many people become clutter bugs without ever realizing it because it can happen slowly over time as we naturally accumulate things.  This is especially true for those of us who have children.

Some people begin to collect things after experiencing a major move, a change in lifestyle, or after a tragic loss.  Holding onto items is something most of us have had to struggle with at one time or another because we often associate life’s moments, or even certain people with items that serve as tangible reminders of loved ones.

The hardest part about getting organized is simply getting started.  Maybe you don’t have time, or the skills or maybe the idea of organization simply scares you.

Whatever has kept you from getting rid of the clutter, we can help. We have more than 18 years in the organization industry and understand that organization is not about simply tossing out junk or donating surplus items, it is about making sure that the things we really need are accessible so that we can feel less stressed and enjoy life’s activities more.

You might be a clutter bug if …

If you are not sure if you are a clutter bug, here are warnings signs that your stuff is more in control of your life than you are!

  • You have a closet that you won’t even open because the contents are too overwhelming to deal with … truth is, you don’t even know what’s in there anymore!
  • Your garage has no room for the car.
  • Your filing “system” is non-existent and you can never find the latest soccer schedule, birthday party invite or dental appointment reminder in all of your piles.
  • You’re always tripping over stacks of unread magazine, books and catalogs.
  • Your kids think being organized means still being able to find their bed at night!
  • Your family photos from the past 20 years are gathering dust in a bunch of old cardboard boxes.
  • Your inability to find anything means that you are often late for appointments and that you buy triplicates of everything because you don’t know where the original item is anymore!
  • Your friends call you a “pack rat” and you’re too embarrassed to have anyone over anymore.
  • ….and you feel like it’s too late for your home to ever run in an efficient manner.

If you recognize one or more of these symptoms, call the CLUTTER DOCTOR who will examine your space and write a customized prescription for your personal clutter ailments. Don’t delay…call TODAY!

What’s the cure for the clutter bug?

Cluttered OfficeThe cure starts with a house call from the CLUTTER DOCTOR who will prescribe a personalized, affordable remedy for your particular strain of the clutter bug. The first visit will allow us to evaluate your needs and priorities and establish a timeline for your “treatment.” We will review the contract and answer any questions you may have.

During subsequent hands-on work sessions, the CLUTTER DOCTOR will help you identify and tackle the biggest problem areas first, working quickly and efficiently to give you an immediate sense of gratification and the confidence to take on the next space on your list.

While taking your emotional ties to your things seriously, CLUTTER DOCTOR will provide unbiased, sensitive, confidential guidance…all with a dose of good humor.

We will work together to decide what (if any) organizational products would fit your needs and budget. Would filing cabinets, shelves, storage bins or other containers make your space more efficient and manageable? You are never obligated to take our recommendations concerning buying products, but we would be happy to assist you with their purchase.

After our initial work is done, CLUTTER DOCTOR offers follow-up visits to ensure that you stay on the road to better-organized health.

Clutter overstimulates the brain and makes you less productive. Left untreated, clutter can cause long-term stress and perhaps even other health problems. CLUTTER DOCTOR can help you regain control, allowing you to create physical and emotional balance in your home and life!

Is living in a disorganized house stressing you out?

Is living in a disorganized house stressing you out?

Is living in a disorganized house stressing you out?

Most of us have closets, cabinets, basements and garages simply overflowing with the “proof” of our hard-earned success: things, things and more THINGS! Left unchecked, it all inevitably becomes clutter … a jumbled mess of bills, clothes, toys and papers.

Somewhere down the road your house stopped being your haven … and keeping up with the clutter became another full-time job.

How can you start to get a handle on all of the clutter that is taking over your home … and your life?

How will you ever get organized in between all of the soccer practices, carpools, church functions, scout activities, business meetings, gym classes and weekend errands?

You need a professional organizer who can help you weed through the clutter. A patient guide with no emotional ties to your things. Someone who can turn your house back into your home, not just a storage space.

You need a professional who can help create an ordered and efficient living and working environment, allowing you the freedom to do more of the things you really enjoy doing.

You need the Clutter Doctor today!

What is being disorganized costing you?

10 Ways Being Disorganized is Costing You Money

Being disorganized costs you money.

How much does being disorganized cost you?

Many people are embarrassed and frustrated by their lack of organization. But did you know that being disorganized can actually cost you money? Here are 10 ways that you may be sabotaging your ability to hold on to your hard-earned cash:

1. Lost Receipts.  Not being able to return a purchase because you can’t find the receipt means money down the drain.

2. Uncashed Checks.  Rebates, tax returns, gifts and other uncashed checks that are buried in your clutter expire and often cannot be reclaimed.

3. Late fees on bills and credit cards.  Bills lost in stacks of paperwork don’t get paid on time, resulting in extra fees and may negatively affect your credit score.

4.  Multiple purchases.  A client and I once uncovered 8 calculators in her home. She could never find one when she needed it, so she kept buying more. Sound familiar?

5. Storage space rental.  Letting go of items you don’t actually love or need and creating order in your home will free up the money you are currently spending on self-storage units.

6. Tax-time headaches.   Missing the documentation necessary to file your taxes can result in being unable to legally claim all the deductions you are entitled to, or even result in penalties if you file your return late.

7. Grocery bills.  Failing to plan out meals and keep food staples on hand results in too many impulsive trips to the grocery store or eating out more often than your budget can really handle.

8. More clutter = less income.   A disorganized work environment means you are wasting time searching for items when you could be focusing on productive activity that helps you make money instead.

9. Missed appointment charges.   If you misplace your medical appointment reminder and don’t show up at the doctor’s office, you can rack up expensive “no-show” fees.

10. Mental health.  The anxiety of being disorganized can take an emotional toll on you and those who care about you. Your mental health is priceless!

In short, being disorganized means lost time. And, we all know that time equals money. Think you can’t afford to hire a professional organizer? I would argue that you can’t afford not to!