FAQs About My Services

How much do you charge?

The unique nature of each client’s circumstances makes it impossible to quote the cost for an organizing job via telephone or email. However, you will find that our hourly rates are fairly priced within the range of other organizers in the Washington, DC  area.

CLUTTER DOCTOR is pleased to offer FREE, 30-minute in-home consultations with no further obligation. This gives us the opportunity to see your challenges in person and for us to decide whether you and I are a good match. We suggest that when you interview professional organizers you seriously consider how you will get along with the organizer, not just who has the cheapest rate.

Always make sure that your organizer holds liability insurance and is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).

Can I purchase a gift certificate for someone?

We suggest that you go this route only if your intended recipient has already indicated a desire for the services of a professional organizer. If not, giving them a link to our site and making sure s/he is open to the idea is a highly encouraged first step. Next comes our FREE in-home consultation to determine the scope of your friends’ needs. At that time we can discuss fee and payment options.

Do you come in and do the work or just tell me what to do?

Our clients will receive the greatest benefit from our hands-on help with sorting, purging and organizing because we can transfer these skills to you rather than just “cleaning up” your space.

How long will it take me to get my space organized?

No two spaces, projects or circumstances are the same so it is almost impossible to quote you an exact number of hours. Any estimates that are given are based upon the Organizer’s experience with similar projects, the information that is available and evident at the time of the initial consultation and the Client’s ability to participate with the Organizer in the project. Disruptions by children, pets, visitors and your phone will slow us down.

I tire easily…will we have to work all day?

CLUTTER DOCTOR prefers to work in 3-5 hour blocks of time. Any less time does not accomplish much and any longer will burn out many clients (especially if it involves a lot of paperwork). We can set a schedule that is good for your needs.

Should I go out and buy containers and supplies before you arrive?

No, please don’t! A lot of people, once motivated to get organized, rush out to buy bins and containers. CLUTTER DOCTOR insists that we first sort through your items and purge what you don’t need. Only then will we know what’s left to organize. We prefer to use things you already have around the house before asking you to invest in new containers.

Should I clean up my space before you come for the initial consultation?

No! It’s important for CLUTTER DOCTOR to see your space “as is” – in its natural state so that an accurate needs assessment can be made. If you are motivated to work on your own between our work sessions, that’s terrific.

Are you licensed and insured?

CLUTTER DOCTOR holds a business license in Washington, DC. CLUTTER DOCTOR takes great care in the handling of a Client’s belongings and we hold liability insurance to protect both of us in the case of accidental damage to your property.

Is this going to be like that organizing show on TV?

Not exactly. Please remember that on tv organizing shows, there doesn’t seem to be a budget as the organizer, interior designer, carpenter and scores of other behind-the-scenes folks work 24/7. No wonder they can perform miracles in just a couple of days! What we CAN do is make your space more manageable for you in a reasonable period of time and within your budget.

Are you going to make me feel ashamed of my mess?

Absolutely not! Most clients already feel embarrassed about their predicament and us making them feel badly is not going to help contribute to their success in getting organized. We consider the emotional style of our work as gentle, but firm.

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