“Acknowledge their feelings and don’t tell them to just suck it up,” added Jessica Williams, owner of the Clutter Doctor in San Diego. “Tell them it’s okay to be sad. Allow time for proper goodbyes with their friends and family.”

Quote from Moving With Children? Here’s 9 Mistakes to Avoid  by Liz Wolf, July 26, 2018


The Clutter Doctor was selected as one of the 10 Best Professional Organizers in San Diego by SpareFoot Moving Guides.  Courtney Hartmann Tisa, January 14, 2016


Television Appearances

Clutter Doctor CW6 Post Holiday Clutter 1

The CW6

Post-Christmas Clutter Cure

Air Date:  December 29, 2015

Clutter Doctor Jessica Williams on how to clean up and move on after the holidays.

Clutter Doctor CW6 Speed Up Your Morning

The CW6

Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Air Date:  January 25 2016

The Clutter Doctor, Jessica Williams, provides ways to speed up your morning routine the night before.

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