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Wondering if you actually need to hire a Professional Organizer? Well, does this sound familiar?

  • You have a closet that you won’t even open because the contents are too overwhelming to deal with … truth is, you don’t even know what’s in there anymore!

  • Your garage has no room for the car.​

  • Your filing “system” is non-existent and you can never find the latest soccer schedule, birthday party invite or dental appointment reminder in all of your piles.

  • You’re always tripping over stacks of unread magazines, books and catalogs.

  • Your kids think being organized means still being able to find their bed at night.

  • Your family photos from the past 20 years are gathering dust in a bunch of old cardboard boxes.

  • Your inability to find anything means that you are often late for appointments and that you buy triplicates of everything because you don’t know where the original item is anymore!

  • Your friends call you a “pack rat” and you’re too embarrassed to have anyone over.

  • You try to fix these problems, but you just too get overwhelmed to make progress.

So many people today feel that they are drowning in things. They've unknowingly become clutter bugs because it happens slowly over time as we naturally accumulate bigger houses and more stuff.  This is especially true for those of us who have children!

Others begin to collect things after experiencing a major move, a change in lifestyle, or after a tragic loss. Holding onto items is something most of us have struggled with at one time or another because we often associate life’s moments, or even certain people, with items that serve as tangible reminders of loved ones.

Clutter overstimulates the brain and makes you less productive. Left untreated, clutter can cause long-term stress and perhaps even other health problems. Professional Organizers can help you regain control, allowing you to create physical and emotional balance in your home and life!

For many people, the hardest part about getting organized is knowng how to get started. Maybe you don’t have time, or the skills or maybe the idea of organization simply scares you. Whatever has kept you from managing the clutter, a Professional Organizer can help. Professional Organizers understand that organization is not about simply throwing everything out.  It's about keeping only what we love or need and making those things accessible so that we can feel less stressed and enjoy life’s activities. Furthermore, Professional Organizers don't have emotional ties to your things and can keep you anchored to a task while being judgement-free.

Don't you deserve that peace of mind of getting organized?  Then contact me today or do a search for a Professional Organizer at

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