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How It Works...

Charming Living Room
  • We have a FREE 15-min chat via phone or Zoom so that I can learn about your organizing challenges.

  • If we are a good match, we decide when and how to start the project.

  • You sign an Agreement form online or at our first session.

  • We work together in person (or virtually) on a mutually-agreeable schedule to make decisions about what stays, what goes and how to make better use of your space.

  • I make recommendations about products that might be useful for the project. When practical, I will shop for and bring those products to our session at no extra charge. 

  • I make recommendations about how to dispose of the items that are leaving your house - consignment, charities, junk haulers, bulk trash pickup, recycling centers, etc.  I can take some items away for you, if desired and when practical.

  • I put you in touch with art appraisers, preservation specialists, interior designers, real estate agents, moving companies and other businesses if they would be helpful during your project.

  • We leave the last 15 minutes of the session for getting stuff cleaned up and, if possible, out the door.


  • I give you homework assignments to accomplish between our sessions (if desired).

  • You pay me at the end of each session.

  • You become so happy with the results of our work together that you tell all of your friends and family and leave me fabulous reviews on Yelp!

PS: once the initial project is complete, I can return to work with you during maintenance sessions, if desired (billed hourly).

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