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How A Professional Organizer Can Help Estate Planners and Attorneys

Contract Review

Professional Organizers can assist the clients of estate planner and attorney by:

  • helping clients find important paperwork that relates to their real estate, finances, wills, powers of attorney and advance directive

  • helping them locate legal documents like birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates or social security cards


  • creating an inventory of items that they want to leave behind to loved ones


  • helping them get valuable items appraised


  • creating a filing system to keep papers in order


  • helping them decide what papers can be kept, tossed or shredded


  • potentially helping them find uncashed checks or cash they’ve misplaced (it happens with almost every client!)


  • organizing their homes overall so that they can attain more peace in their lives

We especially love working with seniors and offer them compassionate, confidential and affordable assistance that sometimes their own families cannot provide.  


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